vineri, 27 martie 2015

Welcome to the HoTA Info (Unofficial) Forum !

This forum is unofficial,but is linking to HC (Heroes Comunity,the Official Forum Linking to HoTA),and is posting only news and announcements about the HoTA project.
The project is a modification/add-on to Heroes Of Might And Magic III-The Shadow Of Death.
It has the title of 'Project',because at the moment it is version 1.3.7,and there are a few more versions that many peoples are awaiting to be released.
Those informations about to upcome on Homm3 HoTA are coming FRESH from the HoTA Crew.
The informations are distributed to the project coordinator,Nik,witch gives it fresh to me.
I would actually be very glad if more peoples could help us on developing the game:
[HotA] Recruitment Point.Get (black) spotted
So,anytime you want to hear how the project advances,or more info about the upcoming version,Come Here

Special Thanks to:
1.Heroes Community
For their help gaining info
2.The HoTA Crew :D
For their help gaining info,and for helping us achieve a great version,and a great modification for the game
3,Our familyes and friends
For their support

And at last:
1.Nik312 / Nik Pronin
For his help gaining info
And for his support and patience on making the group be great.
And for editing and moderating this web too :)
2.For the Other Players Supporting the Project
3.For Husham
Only for publishing info
For viewing,and support on the Org :)


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